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The legend called Peloton's stock rally to $170, and the crash down to $24 also predicted Peloton's jump over 30% on Friday's session. In today's webinar, he will tell investors what the stock will do and whether Amazon is buying Peloton. Unbelievable, isn't it? Your ATM!

Did you hear about Jeff Bezos and the bridge? The Amazon billionaire's new superyacht, under construction in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is so big that the city might have to partially take down a historic bridge so that it can reach open water.

I believe you will love this video, especially if you have no money. It is perfect for dumb people.

Peloton's (PTON) share price jumped over 30% on Friday's session after-hours on rumors that Amazon might be interested in buying the company.

If you purchased Alex Vieira's most recent Peloton stock analysis released late 2021, you are going to find another immersive genius call.

The genius who called Peloton's stock rally from $19 to $170, and the crash down to $24, did it again! Marvelous, indeed!

Alex Vieira Urges Selling Short Peloton Today on Earnings Preview Stock Crash Forecast
The visionary bull market legend predicted Peloton’s Interactive stock rally to $165, but now he urges investors to go short, forecasting a crash. Watch Alex Vieira Live on Peloton ahead of the upcoming earnings report.

Having said this, Alex Vieira is performing a special session tonight for Peloton investors; it's going to start within a couple of hours, London time. Count me on!

Are you going to miss this historic event? Billionaires and hundreds of investors are joining, but don't worry; the Livestream will be recorded; therefore, you can purchase it from the autonomous AI bot.

Alex will respond to investors' questions, telling them what Peloton's share price will do in the following months. Furthermore, he will cover Peloton's next earnings. Unbelievable, isn't it? Your ATM

Now, learn how to get into Nirvana state.

Free Yourself from Joe Rogan Mental Slavery. Alex Vieira Teaches Nirvana Freedom Celebrating Spotify Crash Today
Ignorance is the most significant enslaver in the universe. We taught everyone how to use celebrities like Joe Rogan, Cathie Wood, Kim Kardashian to become rich, investing in the stock market betting against the naive crowd, while we set you free from American capitalism and mental slavery.

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