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We're recommending closing short positions in AMD at a price of $16.28 reversing to the long side upgrading AMD to buy. Savvy investors should acquire a massive position of ten million shares. Herein, find the world's best trading live on the tape!

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After downgrading AMD to Strong Sell at $34 investors should close their short positions reversing to the long side ahead of the coming rally! Buy today! Millions of dollars ahead in profits!

Buying 10 million AMD shares 

AMD share price soared to $23 after reporting stellar earnings beating Wall Street consensus.

Learn more about the billionaire making $100 million dollars in Alibaba (BABA) in less than six months!

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See by yourself how is it possible to reach 100% accuracy investing in the most complex and high-volatile stocks such as Tesla and Netflix! Therein, find free courses and lots more coming soon! Install the new app version today! Huge profit guaranteed investing in Apple for free!

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