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Now, it's the best time for AMD investors to dump their investment positions on my call at $34 going short making the best use of the stupid American crowd buying nose-bleeding valuation stocks. I started investing in AMD at single digits.  

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For good reasons our team and clients include billionaires, true market legends and seers. We are the most respected firm in the history of the markets, therefore it is well-known the impact of our forecasts.

Autonomous Trading Team Makes History Investing in AMD New Silicon Valley Star

AMD downgraded to Sell at $34

Not only I am downgrading AMD to Sell at $34, I am also recommending to sell short 10 million shares as AMD share price is going down fast once stop losses trigger the collapse. Moreover, AMD insiders follow my investment advice, therefore there has never been any risk since everyone started investing in AMD at single digits on my call.

Autonomous Trading Subscribers Take Profits in AMD $34 by IntuitiveCode on

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