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Learn how thousands of naive individuals and companies continue falling into well-thought scams. This article discusses common tactics used by fraudsters for years, but they are still flourishing. Most appear to be credible, with hundreds of reviews, but the end-user always gets burned in the end.

Are you the next to get burned? The choice is entirely yours.

For those unfamiliar with our work nailing fraudsters, we invite you to get started by reading this article

The Crypto Kid Fraudster with a Master in Ponzi Schemes
An excellent Bloomberg article is informing you about the details of the latest scams in the crypto markets. In addition, we add some value to the story by referring to content on the autonomous trading blog.
The American Crypto fraudster

Numerous companies in the United States are eager to scam you by offering LTD (lifetime deals). This type of deal became widely popular. The U.S is now exporting fraud globally. The typical foundation leading to an LTD is simple, they are seeking income to fuel growth ahead.

In a country where the majority believed in Donald Trump's cure for the COVID-19, thousands of idiots continue falling into scams daily. They believe in a new Santa Claus, the Great American dream.

Not only do these fools fall into the scam like ducks, but they also help the scam proliferate on the web by writing hundreds of fake reviews on websites eager for traffic, Trustpilot, G2 Crowd, Capterra,....a long list.

The scammer gives incentives to Donald Duck to write a lovely review, poisoning and distorting the value of honest reviews. The crowd fears missing out on the deal of their life. It's FOMO time!

In the financial markets, scams are far more elaborated, but no matter the level of sophistication we unveil them all.

American Mafia Caught Investing in GameStop Dream Short. Fraudsters on the Run!Get Prepared to Lose Everything!
Learn about the tactics used by Reddit Wallstreetbets and other American criminals luring honest people to buy overvalued stocks and cryptocurrencies by creating an artificial FOMO promising the American dream.
Mafia caught scamming stupid Americans

We have seen hundreds of companies using the same tactics. Does it work? Hell, yes! There are 340 million stupid Americans.  

What's up with Our algorithm caught over 600 reviews for this site written in just weeks, but it is no longer online. It seems the founder shut it down after the refund period expired. Donald Ducks are now ready to step into the next scam. They never learn.

Stock SCAM! Crooks Defraud XL Fleet Investors with Jim Cramer and Andrew Left Help.
Alex Vieira warned XL Fleet investors for the exuberant and explicit fraud on the internet and YouTube exposing the truth about Jim Cramer and Citron Research Andrew Left.
XL Fleet Stock SCAM goes Live on CNBC

The tactic used in this case is very similar to another successful one called "vooplayer " that hit the internet a few years ago. But, of course, they all swear they did nothing wrong.

We will come back to more examples of scams and how scammers got rich laughing at Donald Ducks.

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