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Throughout the years, many investors asked me how did I start in the markets, what's the story of my life, and so on.

If I had to resume it in one sentence this is it - from bankruptcy to greatness.

But there is something I am not going to help you with - greatness- because sincerely I do not know what does it mean.

I started like everyone else, making the same common mistakes and losing money in the stock market.

My story is mainly useful to those

  • who find the financial markets complex enough to hire someone else to take care of this danting task;
  • considering to quit;
  • seriously thinking in doing it so well so that they might be financially independent achieving a peaceful state of mind - not that momey is everything as you will see.


From bankruptcy to greatness

I am never happy therefore I am not certain what greatness is. However, I do know what's necessary to go from ground zero to stellar results. I am referring to a public track record no one else has been able to achieve in the financial markets.


Start by questioning everything

Time is our most important asset. I invested a meaninful percentage of this valuable asset trying to find out who could help me to succeed in the markets. Which tools to use, which books to read, and so on.

After carrying out literally millions of tests and foolish experiences, while losing hair in the process, I finally figured it out...

The solution, if I may use this word, is shocking indeed (by the way, I am aware this kind or words are often used by marketeers, but if there is something I am terrible at is selling and marketing). Nevertheless, it might shock one in a very good sense...

Anyone can do it

I am certainly not the brighest mind living in this beautiful planet, as I am certain that you are likely much better than myself doing certain things I am probably not even capable of. Don't worry I am not ashamed, neither should you.

I learned how to focus in what really matters to me. I have great pleasure in sharing my experience with others.


Why do I do this?

Another question I am normally faced with, is, why do I need to do this if I have money. Do I have any vested interest? It is for the money?

If there is something I have never cared much about is money, and unlike others I did not have any, but I do understand those who think differently.


My story is now available

You find the first edition, 30 minute audio, in the revised edition of the course on Live Technical Analysis. More to come later on....

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