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Learn the truth behind Gilead Sciences share price crash since the bull legend Alex Vieira warned investors to sell their positions going short the stock warning about Donald Trump.

Alex Vieira Calls $1 Billion Profit on Coronavirus Vaccine from Gilead Sciences
The legend who predicted the crash in the U.S stock market, and the best market rally since 1938, has just made other forecast towards the coronavirus vaccine investing in Gilead Sciences to make $1 billion profit.
Former Gilead Sciences Bull Legend Alex Vieira

A.I is the biggest revolution in stock market history and in our lives and you are invited to learn, participate, and profit from using our algorithms and following the insight, experience, imagination, and knowledge of an extraordinary team of successful investors and a visionary.

Autonomous Trading Shows Artificially Intelligent Perelman Algorithm Selling Gilead Science
In this article Autonomous Trading is selling its Gilead Sciences stake with a multi-billion profit on live stream at $89 downgrading to Strong Sell, while offering a free investment lesson to biotech investors.
Selling Gilead Sciences Shares Live at $89

Be Aware! Just a Trump SCAM!

The concept is simple: Intuitive Code market research and analysis finds automatically the best companies to invest in for you using highly accurate algorithms that have proven to work regardless of market conditions since 1989. Use bots to retrieve invaluable market intelligence in real-time or subscribe to A.I trade signals to execute flawlessly in the markets. And, whenever you need help, a team of highly talented experts with a perfect track record is available 24x7.

Even my dog makes money in the stock market.The question is whether you are dumber than my dog. There's a good chance you are a dumb loser. My dog is laughing hard, and he has never worked for anyone. Alex Vieira.

Alex Vieira Says Gilead Sciences Has Nothing Just a Trump SCAM by autonomoustrading on

Gilead Sciences (GILD) share price crashed from Alex Vieira's call from $88 down to $60.

Perelman A.I algorithm offers the ultimate level of accuracy, confidence, and return on investment no human being can match, showing it live on the tape under the most distressing market conditions, regardless of the financial asset and market sector.

I know how to control the universe. So, tell me, why should I run for a million? ― Grigori Perelman, Fields Medal Refused.
Legendary Snapchat Investor Cannot Stop Laughing at Stupid Americans
The legendary Snapchat investor Alex Vieira who upgraded shares to Strong-Buy at $5 in 2018 when Americans were dumping stock en masse cannot stop laughing. Learn how to make $100 million investing in Snapchat in 2020-2021

We designed our algorithm to have in mind an autonomous imaginative concept permanently acting, measuring, and executing towards maximum return on investment regardless of common beliefs.

You're invited to learn about its potential by watching over 65,000 case studies discussing stocks, Forex, ETF's, oil, gold, and cryptocurrencies.

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