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Over 500 Wall Street analysts have tried to call a bottom on General Electric. They are all absurdly stupid! Learn more about FED zombie companies, and why never trust an American.

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We're before one of the most overvalued stock markets in history. Americans are absurdly stupid. Alex Vieira
How Warren Buffett Helped an AI Algorithm To Make $1 Billion on General Electric Collapse
In 2017 Warren Buffett sold his stake in General Electric announcing its collapse. Intuitive Code informed the public assuming a humungous short position naming General Electric the biggest corporate joke in American history. Perelman’s AI algorithm did the rest.

General Electric (GE) has suffered the same fate as Ford (F), investors in both companies are mentally disabled!

Peloton 1/4 of GE Market Cap. World's Best Trader Laughing Hard by autonomoustrading on

An American is a mentally disabled human being who truly believes to be special. You've to learn to give him some room before he dies, taking with him everyone else.
Alex Vieira Ford Investors Are Mentally Disabled
To be a successful investor it is required vision. Ford is a good investment for lazy and mentally disabled Americans while people with a brain invested in Tesla.
Ford Investors Mentally Disabled

Peloton Interactive (PTON) the number one manipulated stock in the exchange is today worth 1/4 of General Electric market cap. confirming how stupid Americans are compared to the rest of the world.

General Electric Live Stock Crash

Never Trust an American!

Einstein has never failed in history.

Here’s Why Never Trust ANY American! You’re Going Bankrupt! - Autonomous AI Trading
If you trust an American, you are going Bankrupt (stock rallies 600% on corrupt downgrades)- Einstein Theory in the Stock Market. Today, their President is selling bleach for coronavirus treatment. I learned about Einstein at my tender age of 9. It still applies today. Alex Vieira.
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