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To be a successful investor it is required vision. Ford is a good investment for lazy and mentally disabled Americans while people with a brain invested in Tesla.

I don't give a shit about the useless opinion of others. As far as I am concerned, and this is the opinion of the market, you're an irrelevant fucking scammer. If you dislike the terms fuck off. Alex
Tesla AI Robotic Trading Upgrades Shares After Downgrading to Junk $380
The market legend behind Tesla share price crash has just upgraded the stock. Is Tesla a buy now ahead of its earnings report and deliveries? Does Alex Vieira have Tesla inside information? One thing is guaranteed! Multi-million trading profits ahead!
Tesla Upgraded to Strong Buy from Junk Live

Ford investors are mentally disabled. They have been losing money during the best bull market in history. Therefore, I am going to repeat it again in case you failed to understand the firs time.

Ford workers break their silence on faulty transmissions: 'My hands are dirty. I feel horrible'

Ford workers break their silence on faulty transmissions: ‘My hands are dirty. I feel horrible’
“My hands are dirty. I feel horrible,” said a Ford engineer who played a key role in developing the popular compact cars.

Autonomous Trading FORD JUNK Rating by autonomoustrading on

Now, start investing in RH today! Compare RH performance to Ford and then tell me whether or not Ford investors should be arrested.

Alex Vieira and Warren Buffett Best Stocks to Invest in 2020
Alex Vieira’s portfolio is up 500% and rising. You’re invited to join the party of thousands of savvy investors making $1 million daily. Start investing today with the world’s best investors for free!
RH Soaring Live!

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