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Are you a Snowflake investor? Then, learn why you must be very concerned after Loup Capital, Jim Cramer, and Morgan Stanley urged investors to continue buying shares while Snowflake CEO is making millions selling his book to the American crowd.

Morgan Stanley Stock Analysis

Analyst Keith Weiss raised his rate to overweight and has a $390 price target, noted that the company is executing "ahead of plan," and the recent decline over the past month provides investors with an opportunity.

"Leveraging the elasticity, scalability, and performance of the public cloud, Snowflake's cloud data platform enables its customers to eliminate data silos, while reducing overhead, complexity, and infrastructure management costs, thereby allowing them to focus on driving and sharing insights from their data," Weiss wrote in a note to clients.

"Given a 172% net-dollar expansion rate, our current base case CY22 revenue growth forecast of 77% YoY appears conservative – our bull case suggesting 91% growth appears increasingly probable and suggests 18.5% upside from consensus estimates," Weiss added. "Further, growth from expansion of existing customers (as measured in the DBNER) should carry robust incremental margins and drive a faster ramp in [free cash flow]."

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Snowflake AI Stock Analysis

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Snowflake Stock AI Risk Analysis

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