Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Intuitive Code increased Chipotle price target urging bears to close short positions ASAP! Learn more about why Chipotle and Tesla are tech stocks. Chipotle Carne Asada is Donald Trump Favorite Food! Damn Tasty!

The FED gave you ONE choice only - buy and make millions of dollars for FREE! You can always sell whenever you want and retire rich. Alex

FED's Run for Cover Warning!

Chipotle is in Federal's Reserve FREE portfolio to become a millionaire in one month, therefore, you are unable to make money selling short the stock until it is removed from their list.

Cover your short positions and go long. When a stock does not sell, buy more and more until it explodes.

Lear more on how to become dirty rich

Alex Vieira Teaches How to Become Rich on FED Bailout Warren Buffett Program
I upgraded shares of RH to Strong Buy at $88 as I did on Apple at $217 and many others for reasons addressed on the Blog. I made available these forecasts after making it public the markets were going to crash.
Become dirty rich

And, then learn why the economy is booming while the press has been defrauding you

Market Legend Says Coronavirus Jobs and Unemployment Numbers Best in Decades!
The news on jobs is just great, but not for Americans! The Labor Department that the economy shed more than 20.5 million jobs in April, sending the unemployment rate to 14.7 percent — devastation unseen since the Great Depression. Alex Vieira explains why the numbers are very bullish.
Economy is BOOMING! 
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