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I upgraded shares of RH to Strong Buy at $88 as I did on Apple at $217 and many others for reasons addressed on the Blog. I made available these forecasts after making it public the markets were going to crash. The Federal Reserve was going to bailout billionaires increasing dramatically their wealth.

American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic, laughing hard at Americans according to the most recent data.

Intuitive Code has been explaining how to profit from highly manipulated markets, making millions of dollars for free with no risk.

To learn more about the FED bailout program you can read numerous articles on the Blog as well as on our real-time news feed channel

Legend Who Called Market Crash Says to Buy Apple and ETF QQQ to Make Billions
The visionary investor explains why you must buy Apple shares to make billions in the markets during the pandemic economy. Follow his free advise to make billions in the markets. He has never missed a call on Apple. We include Apple price target.
Why to Invest in Apple AGAIN!
I strongly recommend that you buy RH shares. The Federal Reserve announced in March $10 trillion dollars program that they were going to bailout Warren Buffett.

We, and everyone else in Wall Street, has never made so much money in the markets mocking Americans!

Market Legend is Making Millions Mocking Unemployed Americans! Buy OKTA!
The legendary OKTA investor has never been so bullish in the pandemic economy getting the help of FED funds for any bailout he set the highest price target in the world for OKTA!
Buy OKTA! 

A V-shaped economic recovery is not possible even when you inject $10 trillion dollars in the economy, but it is possible to get a V-shaped stock market. Ask hundreds of CEO's of public companies such as PayPal, Shopify, Twilio, and so on.

Autonomous A.I Trading Validates V-Shaped Economic Recovery Investing in PayPal
Disregard the useless opinion of everyone else, and follow the free advise of the world’s best trading team since 1989 telling you how to invest in stocks, forex, oil, and cryptocurrencies. A.I chose PayPal as the best stock to buy during a recession
Invest in PayPal

You were given ONE choice only - buy and make millions of dollars for FREE! You can always sell whenever you want, and retire rich.

Intuitive Code CEO Raises Shopify to $800 Ahead of Earnings
Shopify is the number one investment choice for Intuitive Code CEO. She explains her point of view given solid reasons to invest in Shopify. Learn why Shopify could be headed to $800 making a comparison to other companies as Tesla, Wayfair, and Peloton.
Invest in Shopify

Learn more on how to use bots to make billions!

Shopify Using Bots to Increase Traffic! Buy Now! - Autonomous AI Trading
Shopify is likely to come out saying the traffic on their stores is rocking again after removing guidance two weeks ago setting a trap on investors! Buy Shopify! Shopify was former FED’s Powell top pick!
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