Best Deal Black Friday 2018. How to Buy Everything You Ever WANTED to

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Looking for spending money this Black Friday? You are going to waste your money. Read here what savvy people do to buy everything they ever aspired to. Start making the best use of artificial intelligence today opening a world of endless opportunities.


Most people would love to drive a Ferrari, but they do not have money to do it right? What about those who actually have money to buy it? They buy the Ferrari, but they immediately see $250,000 to $1 million evaporating from their bank accounts.

People are truly stupid! Only an idiot would consider buying a Ferrari for $300,000 from his own bank account, no matter how much he has.


They get the funds to buy the Ferrari elsewhere, certainly not from their bank accounts! Since Ferrari IPO, I got lost counting how many Ferrari's I actually offered to savvy people following my investment advice.

Since Apple made AI BOT 5+ the stock rallied almost $50 per share, that's about $70 million dollars in profits to subscribers.

The tape always tells the truth!


Recently, we sent a quote for AI BOT5+ to interested people.

It happens that TODAY is the LAST DAY to make the payment of the reservation.

Meanwhile, I have been releasing notes about features that we have been implementing in the new platform. I am not certain when it will be ready, or whether it will be ever ready since it does not depend upon us. It depends on third-party companies.

Moreover, we have an existing version released just months ago that has been working flawlessly. The new platform is just something that I considered as a continuous search for perfection.


Because even if you do not move into AI BOT5+, you might not wish to miss some of the opportunities ahead in the markets.

To be more explicit, I got rid of two stocks in the U.S stock market reversing to the short side.  One of them, I believe it will see an important correction in the future, but it can happen anytime. The timing is not really that important. I did my job by informing existing subscribers to AI BOT5+ about this matter.

For your reference today, I wrote an article on the Blog about it here.

Do you remember what did happen to Twitter?

Well, I recorded two videos addressing these opportunities. It is upon to you to make a decision! Anyway, both are part of the existing AI BOT5+ program as mentioned.


TODAY is the last day for those who got the quote for AI BOT5+ to make the deposit of 20%.

If you do not make the payment today, you can subscribe to AI BOT5+, the existing or new platform, for the marvelous price Black Friday's deal 2018

Those who made the deposit get the videos TODAY.

If you have not made the deposit yet you have two options

  1. Do not make any deposit and continue with the existing service you initially subscribed to which is actually very good.  The company will not make alternative offers.
  2. Make the deposit today, get these two videos,  but you will lose access to the refund deposit for AI bot5+, because the deposit is actually being used to pay for the video.

So, in the end, in the WORST CASE SCENARIO

For existing subscribers -  continue with your existing service in case AI BOT 5+ new platform does not go ahead, but you get both videos.

For non-existing subscribers - get the two videos only being the deposit the payment for them.



Sure, even if you do not wish to subscribe to AI BOT5+, or any other plan, you can get this VOD - two videos included.

I don't think this is confusing at all. I am looking at the best options for you. If you see it as confusing then don't do anything. Good luck.