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The worst is over for PCG as the legendary investor closed short positions reversing his opinion on the stock! Buy now that California is burning! PCG share price soars 250% on the news!

PCG share price was downgraded to junk at $24.3 but as soon as California burned the legendary investor upgraded to Strong Buy making use of Americans as the best guinea pigs in the world!

Federal Reserve Suspends AI Robotic Trading on Unprecedented Profits!
Intuitive Code is suspending AI Robotic trading in certain stocks listed in the U.S market due to unprecedented profits. Herein, find how to make your next $1 million dollars selling short Warren Buffett portfolio and Wall Street misleading advice. AI Trading Join Forces with Federal Reserve
Selling PCG to Americans at Bubble Prices!

Alex Vieira had a price target on PCG $5. The stock soared on today's session 250% to $10.7

Autonomous Trading Billion Profit on GrubHub and PCG Stock Crash
Intuitive Code downgraded GrubHUB to Strong Sell $146 making it public, while Wall Street maintained Buy rating seeing GrubHUB share price down more than $100 per share since then. PCG was downgraded to Junk $24.3 on the Blog
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California burning and Americans turning bearish is the sign of the ultimate bottom.
Alex Vieira Live Burning Short Sellers! Hilarious!

Learn more how to use Americans as the best Guinea Pigs in the world to make exorbitant profits in the stock market!

A.I Trading Algorithms Use Americans as Guinea Pigs to Outperform in the Market
Americans are the best contrarian indicator in the stock market. Learn how to use them to make astonishing profits beyond belief. Alex Vieira, the legendary investor teaches how to use Americans as the best Guinea Pig to retire as a billionaire.
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