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Intuitive Code downgraded GrubHUB to Strong Sell $146 making it public, while Wall Street maintained Buy rating seeing GrubHUB share price down more than $100 per share since then. PCG was downgraded to Junk $24.3 on the Blog

Autonomous Vision AI Fund Sells GrubHub Downgrading to Strong Sell
We have been long-term investors in GrubHug as reported in this Blog disclosing its 100% accurate price target $140 helping investors to profit the most while Wall Street remained bearish since the tweenties. The scenario changed!

ShutDown Wall Street!

Even the most stupid investors don't believe in Wall Street anymore. They lost everything.

GrubHUB has been one of my largest short positions in the U.S stock market along with Pacific Gas Electric (PCG). Nikolay

GrubHUB (GRUB) crashed to $42, down 20%, after reporting the worst earnings report since IPO

Autonomous Trading Live on GrubHUB Crash Junk since $146

Pacific Gas & Electric (PCG) is seen as one of the best selling short opportunities since the Great Depression

PCG Stock Crashes After Autonomous AI Vision Sells Stake on Rally Downgrading
Pacific Gas Electric (PCG) share price is crashing in 2019 as Autonomous AI Vision Fund sold its stake after shares rallied 52% downgrading to Sell.
PCG best selling short since the Great Depression

PCG share price melted to $3.6 during market hours.

Investors Make Millions

It's remarkably simple, no experience required, guaranteed since 1989

AI Helps Investor Without Experience Making Money to Buy a Ferrari 488 GTB in Four Months!
This is the true story of an investor without any prior experience investing in the stock market made enough to buy a Ferrari 488 GTB in just four months using Autonomous Trading AI trading algorithm.
$260,000 in 4 months trading without any experience
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