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The recent rout in the financial markets brings new investment opportunities to long-term investors only since a large number of stocks remain overvalued by a significant percentage. Herein, find potential multi-billion dollar investments.

Balanced Portfolios

The most stupid crowd in the civilized world - Stupid Americans - capitulated selling their shares to us at rock bottom prices thanks to our magnificent work in the financial markets.

Hereafter, stock market investors should consider rotating capital into undervalued assets while remaining short overvalued stocks. As an example, today we recommended closing a mid-term short position in a company after its share price collapsed to bear market prices. Hereafter, we have a buy rating on the stock.

I am already long this stock. Hereafter, if it continues selling I do recommend adding on weakness.  I made available a VOD including full instructions. If the stock does not rally short-term - most likely scenario -it will long-term which in the end is what really matters.  In the best case, we are looking at a multi-billion dollar profit for long-term investors. In the worst case, we are likely looking at sideways share price move with some downside left which is not bad at all for consolidation purposes. Alex

Autonomous Trading How Does VOD Forecasts Work

Long-term investment available in AI BOT 3

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