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Indeed! Billions of Dollars! Tesla, Shopify, Wayfair, Beyond Meat, Zillow, Ubiquity, and ROKU. Citron Research Screws Everyone! You're going bankrupt overnight!

People often ask about ideas to make a exorbitant fortune in the stock market. I would say that betting against Citron Research is absolutely guaranteed. You incur in a situation where you make so much money you actually don't know where to put it, therefore, I have to agree with Alex's perspective.

If Citron Research was a stock it would be worthless. We're waiting for their next bright idea. Alex

I visited Citron Research twitter channel but it is dead. Nothing is coming out! I was looking for new opportunities to make the next $1 million RISK-FREE.

I strongly believe that Citron followers are eager to learn about the next big screw. Everyone is betting against these animals. Nikolay
  • Citron Research turned bullish Tesla, share price crashed.
  • Citron Research names Wayfair Worthless, share price rallied 1000%
  • Citron Research named ROKU "uninvestable", ROKU became a Wall Street darling
  • Citron Research named Shopify a Bubble, share price soared 2,000%
  • Citron Research named Zillow the best to buy, share price crashed twice!
  • Citron Research names Ubiquiti wortheless, share price soared to $175 just like that!
  • Citron Research named Beyond Meat irrational bubble, share price soared to $240
  • Citron Research named Lyft a sure long bet and short-sellers idiots, share price crashed!

Can you see the pattern? We found the key to make billions in the stock market. Hey Citron, bring in the next one!

What's Next? Where is Andrew Left?

I've no idea what's next because I'm not mentally disabled. You've to search on Citron's site. Personally, I find weird that Andrew Left disappeared since Alex's called for an investigation.

Is Andrew Left dead or alive? I think that he has been dead since he was born.  

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