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It's important to start investigating Citron Research immediately as the firm continues releasing fake news and reports inflicting huge losses to investors. Herein, we discuss how investors lost all their money in Tesla, Ubiquity Networks, Wayfair and Shopify.

Citron Research sees Tesla going to $320, but Tesla share price crashes as the stock valuation resembles a crypto bubble.

Citron Research releases fake reports including YouTube illegal material deceiving Shopify investors, but Shopify has been the world's leading growth company in the SAAS space. It happens that Shopify has far more upside than Tesla.

Shopify (SHOP) has just released one of the best earnings report in the tech industry whilst Tesla smashed expectations releasing its worst earnings report since IPO.

What about Wayfair (W), the company that Citron Research said that it was doomed, and Ubiquity Networks (UBNT) worthless?

Invest in Wayfair Andrew Left and Citron Research is a proven SCAM

Now, let's take a look at the current prices for these stocks

Tesla (TSLA) today's session $232

Wayfair (W) is trading at $162.5

Shopify (SHOP) is trading at $247, a gain of 1,200% since IPO

Ubiquity Networks (UBNT) is trading at $169

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