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CNN explains why stocks keep soaring after the fact, but is it really overconfidence on the FED that keeps stocks moving? If the FED is to blame for stocks to be soaring, why are official authorities saying the coronavirus is under control?

CNN explains why stocks keep soaring after the fact

Why stocks keep moving higher. And higher. And higher.
Beijing’s normally bustling shopping district is desolate, after an extended public holiday ended for much of China. Most of the stores in the popular Wangfujing shopping malls are closed, and one popular restaurant has no customers and has resorted to selling its produce in order to make ends meet.
CNN explains stocks moving after the fact

Coronavirus Epidemic Under Control Including US GDP Impact Numbers

State Councillor Wang Yi, who also serves as China’s foreign minister, said China had taken decisive measures to fight the epidemic, many going beyond international health regulations and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

“Through our efforts, the epidemic is overall under control,” he said.

China’s banks have offered $77bn in lines of credit to help combat the epidemic. The central government has pumped tens of billions into the country’s financial system.

White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, said he expected the virus to “maybe” knock 0.2-0.3% off the US GDP in the first quarter.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Coronavirus official number and statement
Anyone can explain everything AFTER THE FACT, what really matters to investors is to KNOW WHAT TO DO BEFORE IT. Alex
Racism. Fear. Stupidity Reigns. Learn How to Defeat the Coronavirus.
The world is not prepared to deal with an epidemic event, which is far to be pandemic. Misleading headlines seek traffic on their websites. Trolls and social media influencers spread fear. The stupid mass races to the pharmacy to get a mask. Restaurants proudly hold a sign “Chinese not allowed”.
What Investors Shall Do
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