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This article explains there is a very strong correlation between Trump's own solutions for COVID-19 and stock market performance resulting from manipulation. We explained how to use it to make millions of dollars in the markets or to avoid losing money.

Before continuing reading it is suggested that you review the preceding article on how to manipulate earnings and the coronavirus death toll

This week many people got shocked when they listened to Donald Trump, the President of the United States, purposing another dangerous solution for the treatment of COVID-19, this time around based on disinfectants, a.k.a, bleach, and the use of U.V. As irrational as it may look, the crowd flooded healthcare hotlines in the United States to learn more about it - YES! And, emergency state officials issued warnings on social media.

For any logical human being - outside of the United States - Donald Trump actions are totally irresponsible, but the fact is that Trump has been coherent since the beginning.  The United States is a different planet selling the idea they are keen to lead the world into a better place. Trump is the President because the vast majority saw him as the right person to lead this war against everyone else, thus the motto, "Make America Great Again".

Suddenly everyone started talking about bleach on the press diverting attentions for what really matters to Donald Trump -  stock market performance. Meanwhile, the maestro intensified his actions this week getting close to the most important companies to the U.S as Apple as we entered earnings season.

Why do you think that Donald Trump said on Friday that Tim Cook expects a V shaped recovery ahead of Apple earnings?

In our opinion the fact that Donald Trump actions remain unpunished it has opened the door for unethical companies to use any sort of tactics to manipulate its share price.

For weeks, we have been calling the attention of investors for Shopify teaching how to make millions of dollars using pure manipulation triggered by third-parties.

Now, learn more why FED's Powell portfolio for earnings season has been outperforming everyone else.

FED Chairman Powell Portfolio for Earnings Season
Here’s FED’s Chairman Jerome Powell Portfolio for this earning season, including the bull and bear case for the U.S stock market. Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Chipotle, Apple, Oil, Ford, Hertz, he reveals it all.

We know that not all Americans agree with Donald Trump, but the U.S is not a democracy, therefore, if you do invest based on fundamentals without learning how the game is played you end up bankrupt.

As jaw dropping and unbelievable as Trump's statement was about disinfectants, let's remember that tomorrow and the next day he will say or do something more jaw dropping and more inappropriate. While the country is screaming for some comfort along with a little decent human honesty and concern in a time of unparalleled crisis and staggering grim ongoing news, there is regrettably no one there to authentically take on that role coming from the White House, an American citizen.
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