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Believe it, it's damn simple. Find here why you are losing money while Wall Street and savvy investors make billions. A few weeks ago, Donald Trump, for the surprise of many, released a very high number of death estimates for coronavirus for a very good reason!

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump, for the surprise of many, released a very high number of death estimates for coronavirus for a very good reason - anything below this number is a beat seen as a good job from the administration.

Note that this forecast came out after Trump claimed two months ago the virus was actually harmless, thereafter downplaying it for months - it's all part of a game.

Coronavirus actually started in 2019

What seems to be a turnaround for Trump acknowledging the importance of the pandemic is actually elections driven. He knows that Americans are absurdly stupid, easily manipulated. Furthermore, since the real death toll will never be known, it will be below his forecast (at least until elections)

Wall Street has been using the same policy for years. EPS estimates are purposely set VERY VERY LOW. Then companies post NON-GAAP earnings to "smash estimates", and they do it over and over to create the illusion that the economy is actually booming. Reality shows they actually lose money. Often a beat by one cent is then sold on headlines, paid marketing, as a smashing estimate by 70% or higher!

All over the world businesses are reporting losses, in some cases, zero revenue, however in the U.S they are reporting sales increase even in supermarkets! You're being scammed. Start using your brain! Stop losing money! Let the government pump stocks, let then announce all the stimulus they want, let Americans buy stocks, higher they will go, more they will fall.
Alex Vieira Triggers Market Rout Making $1 Billion Dollars Mocking Wall Street!
The trader who called the best stock rally in decades last week informed investors worldwide to be selling his positions in the U.S stock market acquiring massive short positions. The Dow Jones plunged 1,000 points in one single day.
The FREE Market Call that Crashed Markets

Another tactic being used is to remove official guidance - SEC approved this practice - letting analysts make wild projections, easily playing games with any stock. The truth is that the U.S stock market is a Big Casino.

Why do you think Goldman Sachs turned bullish Tesla for the first time ever posting a price target $864 when they have been bearish for years with the lowest target $158 in Wall Street? Obviously, this announcement came out from a "new"analyst hired by the company.
Tesla shares jump on Goldman Sachs ‘buy’ rating
Shares of Elon Musk’s electric car company popped Wednesday after Goldman Sachs resumed coverage of the company and slapped it with a “buy” rating. Tesla’s shares jumped more than 5 percent Wednesd…
Tesla miracle during Coronavirus pandemic

More companies than ever before in history are saying the coronavirus is helping their online business, i.e. higher traffic, but no actual better sales, or higher profits. This can be accomplished using free accounts, and Coronavirus promotions headlines. We exposed similar practice during the cryptocurrencies bubble, thereafter, savvy investors made billions of dollars.

Instead of companies making official public statements they are using employees or third-parties to make announcements on social media to avoid future lawsuits.

Unlike you hear on the news including Trump's twitter channel, FED Chairman Jerome Powell and Donald Trump have an excellent relationship since the beginning.

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Alex Vieira Sees 30% of American Population Eating at Chipotle on Coronavirus Pandemic - Autonomous AI Trading
According to the legendary Chipotle bull, investing in Chipotle remains the best investment in the U.S stock market. This is also the opinion of the best FED Chairman in history. Americans are used to eat corn and chips. Carne Asada is the best they can get. Alex
Chipotle! An American Dream Come True!

Chipotle, Amazon, Zoom Video, Netflix, Tesla, Peloton, Shopify, Snapchat are just a few recent examples.

FED Chairman Powell Portfolio for Earnings Season
Here’s FED’s Chairman Jerome Powell Portfolio for this earning season, including the bull and bear case for the U.S stock market. Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Chipotle, Apple, Oil, Ford, Hertz, he reveals it all.
Making fun of Americans
how to manipulate a stock
Billionaire Goes Short Netflix $480 on Fake Earnings
Legendary Netflix Bull reversed his position on Netflix seeing major problems for the American company to sustain its valuation. Furthermore, he sees Apple as an irrational bubble scam likely to report fake earnings as well.
everything is a game 

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