Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Intuitive AI Code sold Apple after the company reported an excellent quarter and solid outlook which was the expected scenario. Furthermore, Apple was downgraded at $221 following an upgrade to Strong Buy at $143.

Alex Vieira Calls Apple Stock Bottom on Goldman Sachs Downgrade Raising Price Target for 2019

Everyone following us knew that Apple stock was going to rally from $143 to $220 . When the American crowd jumped in buying shares at $221 savvy investors bailed out with multi-billion profits.

Buy when the American crook is selling and sell when they turn wildly bullish. It works all the time. If you have questions ask Einstein. I've never seen a crook as Jim Cramer making money. Alex
Alex Vieira sells Apple while everyone is upgrading

AI Robotic Trading Increases Apple Stake As Investors Turn Bearish on Bright iOS 13 Outlook

Meet Alex Vieira the only investor who turned bearish Apple in 2018 downgrading to Strong Sell at $232 predicting a market crash.

Are we headed towards another crash? Contact us.

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