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Shopify is the number one investment choice for Intuitive Code CEO. She explains her point of view given solid reasons to invest in Shopify. Learn why Shopify could be headed to $800 making a comparison to other companies as Tesla, Wayfair, and Peloton.

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Shopify Ahead of Earnings

The legendary Alex Vieira recommended to remain long Shopify ahead of earnings raising its price target. Enjoy RISK-FREE A.I trading, 100% accurate, making millions of dollars daily following with the world's best trader!

Why Shopify Can Reach $800

We offer NINE reasons based on known factors justifying to remain invested in Shopify and to buy more shares

#1 I've just bought more shares of Shopify after its earnings report at $666 using Alex Vieira's methodology for earnings.

Intuitive Code A.I Live Trading 100% accuracy

#2 Shopify is less expensive than Tesla. Wall Street has price targets on Tesla, a car maker, up to $1,200 which it absurd compared to Shopify.

#3 Shopify does not have actual competition.  Tesla has competition.

#4 The FED released $7 trillion dollars to pump the stock market. Lots of money go into stocks like Shopify

#5 Goldman Sachs has a price target on Wayfair $220. Compare Wayfair earnings -$11 to Shopify which is profitable! Using Goldman Sachs analysis, Wayfair versus Shopify, gives the latter a potential $1,700 price target long-term

#6 In the past weeks Alex Vieira and Intuitive Code urged investors to load up on Shopify shares daily seeing it as NO-RISK investment.

World’s Best Trader Makes Millions Daily on Shopify Calling Wall Street Price Target Upgrades
Enjoy RISK-FREE A.I trading, 100% accurate, making millions of dollars daily following with the world’s best trader! Wall Street raised Shopify’s price target to $700 as Alex Vieira predicted.

#7 The Worst is Over! Wall Street Turned Bearish! Strong Buy

The Legend Who Called the Worst Market Crash Turned Bullish! Buy Wayfair!
The legendary investor who called the worst market crash in history has turned bullish recommending to buy the large amount of stock since the Great Depression. Americans are the most stupid investors ever! Best rally since 1929!

#8 Peloton Interactive has a market cap of $10 billion. Wall Street sees it going to $14 billion. Shopify seems way undervalued compared to a bicycle company. Don't you think so?

#9 We know Shopify since IPO unlike others! Intuitive Code initiated coverage of Shopify with a Strong Buy rating at $19.

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