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The legend who called a market bottom started taking profits in the U.S stock market rotating money into a new class of stocks using Perelman A.I Trading algorithm. Follow the number one investment rule in Wall Street. You will never lose money again.

I am starting to dump on the American crowd all over again. I love them. Alex Vieira
Alex Vieira Sells Zoom Video After Calling a Market Bottom. Investor Reviews Making Millions.
Zoom Video has been the number one choice for free communications for over 180 million people during the pandemic carrying a Strong Buy rating since IPO.
Alex Vieira sells Zoom Video

Perelman A.I Algo Trading

Learn more about the value of using artificial intelligence to invest in the markets.

You don't have any chance against algorithms. Follow the NUMBER 1 INVESTMENT RULE, as everyone else in Wall Street, and you will never lose money again!
Live A.I Trading on Slack

Slack (WORK) share price crashed overnight to $30.5 despite the company beating earnings which was already known.

Investor Reviews

This certified review along with others from thousands like you are available on the sites, including over 50 live interviews helping us to differentiate from scammers on the web. We publish our reviews together with over 65,000 case studies since 1989.

Alex Vieira reviews on autonomous trading

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