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Savvy investors all over the world are more than happy to see stupid Americans buying stocks ahead of a crash.

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Uber (UBER) share price crashed to $29 after the company reported earnings. Alex Vieira urged investors selling UBER at $46 slashing its price target.

Autonomous Trading Downgrades UBER $46 Slashing Price Target
UBER investors were informed to take profits at $46 ahead of the company reporting billions in losses. Autonomous Trading slashed UBER price target recommending to invest in ROKU instead.
UBER stock bubble to crash

Beyond Meat (BYND) shares crashed to $80 as Alex Vieira sold his stake referred to the American company as a Ponzi scheme at $238.

Autonomous Trading Downgrades Beyond Meat to Strong Sell $238
The Beyond Meat investor who upgraded shares to Strong Buy on IPO at $46 turned bearish downgrading to Strong Sell for the first time urging investors to acquire short positions now that everyone turned bullish the name.
Beyond Meat Ponzi Scheme $238

Pinterest (PINS) crashed to $19.6 after Alex Vieira sold his stake near $37 referring to the company as an American SPAM.

Alex Vieira Sells Pinterest $37 on American Social Media Trump Euphoria
Alex Vieira sold his position on Pinterest as Americans came back to the stock market buying at $37 after he had upgraded Pinterest to Strong Buy at 24.7
Selling Pinterest bubble to stupid Americans

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