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I downgraded Hertz at $7 after-hours after seeing people making millions of dollars within a week using my free realtime guidance which is perfectly normal. A.I trading is fully automated, nothing else required available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Hertz A.I Trading Delivers 20,000%

Everyone is dirty rich. The profits are beyond parallel in the history of the markets. One week ago stupid Americans were selling Hertz at 50 cents while I was covering short positions upgrading to Strong Buy.

Billionaire Closes HERTZ Short Upgrading AVIS to Buy! Share Price Doubles in Days!
The legendary investor said that AVIS is not Hertz urging investors to close their short positions buying shares. Learn more how the hundreds of investors are making millions following the genius on YOGA BOOM BOOM! Join A.I Premium to make $1 million no risk!
Billionaire Live on Hertz and Avis

Hertz soared  on 500 million shares traded on a single day, the highest on record. Hertz share price rallied 1,500% on my upgrade after informing downgrading to junk above $90 years ago reiterated every single year on the Blog.

Alex Vieira Followers Taking Profits on Hertz

Hertz Downgraded Profits Continue!

I was forced to downgrade shares of Hertz at $7 to control the appetite of traders while increasing dramatically their profits above 30,000% using A.I algorithm trading.

We create history, everything else is merely a scam.
Breaking Realtime News! Alex Vieira Downgrades Hertz to Buy $7 After Calling 1,500% Rally - Algorithm AI Trading Financial Live News
Breaking Realtime News! The legendary investor, Alex Vieira, is downgrading Hertz to buy after seeing some of his customers making over 20,000% Profit in a week. One week ago the most stupid people in the world, Americans, were selling Hertz at 50 cents claiming the company was bankrupt. I’ve been h…
Hertz Realtime downgrade on news feed

A.I trading is fully automated, nothing else required available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV

Dumping Hertz $7 Calling Holy Stock Crash Ahead

Alex Vieira Live Dumping Hertz $7 Calling Holy Stock Crash Ahead
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