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The new app allows traders to access highly accurate Realtime A.I data analysis, including A.I bot trade signals in a dashboard. We help you make better decisions by ensuring your most important, accurate, and reliable portfolio analysis is always a glance away.

We do not use mockups unlike scammers on the web, who have nothing to show, and no track record. Alex

A.I trading app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Licenses can be purchased on the autonomous trading PWA app. The app is already available on the app store. It works with Apple Siri.

For example, ask Siri which is Amazon current rating or Tesla price target, and so on.

Premiere worldwide

Apple Watch (demo)

Apple Watch

Not only you get access to the most recent A.I Bot trade signal, but also the most recent five trade signals displayed on A.I bot  log.

Users can choose their own custom portfolio from over one hundred listed companies or optionally let A.I choose a portfolio for them. Furthermore, you can trade stocks, Forex, ETF, oil, and crypto.

iPad Pro (demo)

Intuitive Code new app on the iPad Pro

For each stock on your portfolio have access to A.I analysis such as momentum, short to mid-term direction, A.I parameters such as RP, SP, TS, and so on.

The A.I bot tells you when to place trailing stops, stop losses, price targets, reduce or increase position, and hundreds more.

The A.I bot manual is available to the public as well as there is a course on advanced trading strategies.

Apple TV (demo)

For more information on the release date to the public, consult our roadmap. Currently, it is available to existing users only.

The new algo plan and A.I trading works on this app. Furthermore, you can enable SMS notifications (optional) on top of app notifications to make sure you will miss nothing important.

A.I Analysis & Realtime A.I Bot Trade Signals

Kindly note the example below including real-time risk analysis, portfolio data

A.I risk analysis 

The portfolio sample illustrated here has been amply addressed on the Blog urging investors to buy Apple shares and the ETF QQQ ahead of the best stock market rally in decades aiming at billion dollar profit.

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