Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

I have seen all kind of fake news and tactics to deceive investors since I became a professional investor in the markets but rarely I found pestilent and dangerous forecasts as the one referring to lithium as the golden opportunity for investors.

As an investor in Sociedad Minera del Chile (SQM) and Albemarle (ALB) for years my role has been to disclose the truth to those interested in this commodity, being most of them located in Asia and South America.

I was a former bull in SQM and Albemarle, one of the largest investors in the sector together with my clients, but then came the American crowd buying the frenzy sending its share price to stratospheric levels without comprehending how to invest in commodities. As Einstein taught us, we dumped our positions at the very top turning bearish .

UAE Billionaire Makes Billions of Dollars Predicting Oil Crash

The American crowd  has never made money in the stock market. We are bearish these bubble stocks. Since then we have seen clients including ourselves more than doubling our fortune betting against the trumplandia dumb crowd.

I have had the pleasure of discussing the complete investment process in both companies in my courses on live technical analysis releasing AI ultra-performance forecasts.

What others say it is irrelevant, the fact is that in 2019, SQM share price crashed to $37, while Albemarle crashed to $75

We started selling short SQM at $58 and Albemarle at $137. Now learn how an AI trader makes up to $60 million dollars per year investing against trumplandia crooks.

AI VISION Autonomous Robotic Trading Returns $40 Billion Profit in a Decade

Learn about my free course on real-time technical analysis and algorithm trading whose subscribers made multi-million profits selling short lithium stocks

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