Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

Learn how to make the impossible happen! Citron Research is under surveillance. You're under surveillance. AI has everyone under surveillance. No one can beat AI Perelman Algorithms.

The real story behind investing in Ubiquiti Networks which stock price was predicted to be worthless in a report issued by Citron Research at $45 before soaring to $175.

On the contrary, I named in a public statement Ubiquiti Networks a Strong Buy.

Perelman said I Can Control the Universe. Einstein said the Future is Determined. Both are Genius. You're Irrelevant. Alex

Artificial Intelligence Demonstrates Betting Against Citron Research Worth Billions of Dollars

AI Perelman Algorithm Live Making the Impossible Happen

Ubiquiti Networks never seen its price trading above $175 again.

Ubiquiti and Citron Research are both now officially dead. Alex

Ubiquiti share price closed the week near $100. The company changed its ticker from UBNT to UI. Do you know why? We do, but you will never know.

Einstein Theory of Relatively Live Predicting Worst Stock Crash since 1996

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