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Perelman's AI trading algorithm predicted the biggest wipeout in stock market history. Facebook lost $148 billion in market value - the largest single-day loss for any public company in history.

  • Facebook's stock plunged Wednesday following the company's second-quarter earnings report.
  • The company's revenue and subscriber growth missed Wall Street's expectations, and then company officials warned of slowing growth ahead.
  • The market capitalization of the social-networking giant was down by as much as $148 billion before recovering a bit later in the day.

The Touch of a Genius

I am selling my stake in Facebook today at $217 since I have just been informed Facebook share price is about to crash. Since we have not missed a forecast yet since IPO, it is upon to the investor to make a decision. Vieira

Artificial Intelligence Perfect Portfolio to Invest in the Stock Market

The perfect investing track record
Everything else on the web is a scam. Vieira

Amazon Market Value Soars $100 Billion Dollars on AI Trade Signal

The algorithm behind Facebook share price crash prediction, is the same responsible for Amazon share price soaring almost $200 per share in after-hours trading.

What you see here is:

  1. Unique in the history of the markets;
  2. Mathematically proven;
  3. Confirmation that no one else can beat us on what we do.
  4. Everything else on the web is a proven scam gambling in the markets.

I strongly recommend that you contact NASDAQ to confirm the very bottom in Amazon coincident with hundreds of thousands of shares taking its share price all the way up to $1888 within 30 minutes.

Facebook and Amazon earnings were carefully planned in advance making the announcement on Autonomous Trading Blog.

Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon with Alex Vieira

Become a Billionaire Investing in Amazon with Alex Vieira

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