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Zoom Video (ZM) reported a lackluster earnings report plunging to $62 while RH billionaires favorite stock pick soared to $243 on the exchange!

Alex Vieira Downgrades Zoom Video to Strong Sell $105
Zoom Video is no longer a good investment as Americans return to the stock market buying on the frenzy. We’re now bearish Zoom Video after dumping at new all-time highs.
Dump! Going Down!
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Alex Vieira and Warren Buffett Best Stocks to Invest in 2020
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Best stocks to invest in

RH soared to $243 on the exchange with thousands of traders chasing Alex's portfolio including Warren Buffett.

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How to Make $1 Million Today on Tesla
Alex Vieira offers clear instructions based on actual data to comprehend the importance of being there since inception while everyone else does not have the discipline and commitment.
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