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Alex Vieira urged investors to sell bubble stocks as Zoom Video with no upside left, downgrading to Strong Sell to invest in assets with far more upside than stocks as the cryptocurrency Ethereum ETHUSD.

Disclosure: I am short Zoom Video, long Ethereum.

Zoom Video Asset Bubble

Zoom Video turned into one of the greatest asset bubbles in the stock market. Gladly, Cathie Wood from ARK Invest (ARKK) remained bullish while our team and clients were closing their positions.

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We strongly recommend to invest in Ethereum! It's not going back to our historical live call calling the ultimate bottom at $110.
Legend Who Called Ethereum Bottom $110 Urges Buying More Crypto Raising Target for 2021
The legendary investor who called Ethereum ETHUSD bottom at $110 recommended buying more cryptocurrency on the recent pullback to $1,300 and on the breakout raising his price target for 2021
We are buying more Ethereum, raising the price target for 2021
Live Crypto AI Trading. Alex Calls Another DogeCoin Bottom. Ethereum Could Be Worth More Than Tesla!
Learn about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Learn why Elon Musk is a fan of artificial intelligence. Autonomous Trading brings together AI Crypto Research and Analysis, AI Crypto Risk Analysis, live video commentary from a world expert.

Ethereum (ETHUSD) more than tripled since we added to long positions crossing $3,000 while Zoom Video share price crashed to $300, validating AI Vision investment strategies.

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