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There's a fierce battle going on at PG&E. Should investors rely on PG&E exit plan or creditors? Are there any other reliable plans to consider? How much risk is implicit in these plans?

These are very good questions. PG&E investors may find a lot of information on the web describing the intentions of each part, how they see PG&E going forward.

We recommend that potential investors refer to original sources only on the respective websites of the interested parts involved instead of relying on fake and suspicious biased news.

It's certain that the amount of biased information is likely to surge, therefore, the need to disregard what really does not matter.

Intuitive Code Lda asked Alex Vieira help in making a decision explaining the reasoning on a remarkable simple free video for lifetime A.I premium users.

A.I Robot Says to Dump Now on Unprecedented Profits!

PG&E savvy investors do not need to take any action since everyone bailed out at $24 ahead of the meltdown following his input.

Federal Reserve Suspends AI Robotic Trading on Unprecedented Profits!
Intuitive Code is suspending AI Robotic trading in certain stocks listed in the U.S market due to unprecedented profits. Herein, find how to make your next $1 million dollars selling short Warren Buffett portfolio and Wall Street misleading advice. AI Trading Join Forces with Federal Reserve
Dump Now! The A.I Robot Says!

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