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Alex Vieira has been educating stupid Americans to invest in Tesla since $36 helping them to succeed while preventing non-believers from losing all their money selling short the stock. While everyone talks about today, he always talks about the future, what really matters. Learn how to invest in Tesla for free.

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Tesla price soared to $815 pre-market on the news.

Hypersonic profits for Tesla investors only
Algorithm A.I Trading Engages Tesla Stupid Bears Run for Cover!
It’s hilarious to see the stupidity of Americans downgrading Tesla en masse selling short since IPO. Watch them live losing their pants while the rest of the world is laughing.
Tesla bears run for cover live!
Google Could Acquire Tesla For $1,500 Per Share On Its Way To $2 Trillion Stock
Tesla’s value could rise to $1.5 trillion aided by a deal with Google. Taking into account Google’s current market cap of $1 trillion, the combined entity could be worth north of $2.5 trillion, as we detail below.
Google to Acquire Tesla
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