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Alex Vieira is confident Warren Buffett is going to purchase a large stake in Tesla once he releases that Tesla is the next Apple. Savvy investors cannot miss $1 billion profit!

In October last year Alex Vieira who recommended Warren Buffett to invest in Salesforce made a prediction that the billionaire will be "forced" to invest in Tesla

Trader Who Predicted Warren Buffett Buying Amazon Sees Billionaire Investing in Tesla or Apple Buyout - Autonomous AI Trading
Tesla market cap is about to double on Alex Vieira stunning forecast upgrading shares to Strong-Buy at $179 against everyone else! Nailed $160,000 on a small Tesla position taken ahead of earnings after subscribing to premium content on the blog. Personally, I prefer Alex’s live trading where I doub…
Warren Buffett to Invest in Tesla

Warren Buffett made a serious mistake starting to invest in Amazon very late. He knows that only stupid people repeat the same mistake

Tesla is the Next Apple!

Tesla is far worth more than Apple is. Please do not compare a damn iPhone to a Tesla!

Stupid people who failed to invest in Apple one decade ago can invest in Tesla today.

By investing in Tesla you get 10 digit return on investment.
Alex Vieira Ahead of Tesla Earnings Sees $1 Billion Profit for Investors
Alex Vieira reassured Tesla investors ahead of earnings buying more shares while increasing his price target forecasting $1 billion dollar profit for those who have been following him since Tesla IPO. By investing in Tesla only you get 10 digit return on investment.
Tesla is the best stock to buy right now!
Tesla Cheaper than Apple Vision Might Be Worth $1 Billion to Investors
Tesla share price soared an additional $150 per share to $526 after the market legend made public that Tesla stock is actually much cheaper than Apple. More than twenty analysts have been trying to catch up raising targets. S&P agrees that Tesla is a NO-RISK investment.
Tesla Has Just Started!
Alex Vieira Tesla is the Next Apple Price Target $1,200
Alex Vieira who called Tesla the next Apple raised his price target on Tesla to $1,200 following the most recent company earnings report. He upgraded Tesla to Strong Buy $179 forecasting that long-term investors can make $1 billion.
Tesla Price Target $1,200
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