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Virgin Galactic share price plunged 20% as soon as the legendary investor addressed investors questions about company outlook for 2020.  

You were duly warned. We have the funds and the insight.
Autonomous Trading Alex Vieira Addresses Virgin Galactic Stock Outlook - Autonomous AI Trading
Listen to the legend!
Virgin Galactic Investors Conference

Virgin Galactic share price was trading after-hours at $20.7 seeing its share price plunging to $16 within two days.

Make $1 Billion Investing in Tesla!

Tesla is the world leader.

Alex Vieira on Historical Tesla Call Predicts Bears Collapse, Capitulation, and Bankruptcy
It’s over for Tesla bears! After numerous warnings from the legendary investor urging everyone to cover their short positions going long at $179 the final note came out from bearish UBS almost tripling their price target on Tesla.
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