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Autonomous Trading reviews

Vettel invested in the following companies strictly following my instructions

Intuitive Code Buys Acadia Pharmaceuticals Rating Strong Buy
Acadia Pharmaceuticals is the best stock to buy now after Alex closed his short position at multi year lows upgrading to Strong Buy. The worst is over! Learn how to turn any idiot into a multi-millionaire using AI today!
best biotech stocks to buy

Acadia Pharmaceuticals soared to $46 during 2019

Einstein Theory of Relatively Live Predicting Worst Stock Crash since 1996
It might be shocking to learn that stock prices are determined, but the undeniable proof is demonstrated in thousands of case studies published addressing the stock market, cryptocurrencies, commodities and forex. Herein, Intuitive Code discusses the worst crash in Abercrombie stock since 1996.
Abercrombie to crash

Abercrombie & Fitch crashed 70% on our downgrade to Junk

Smile Direct Club is a SCAM. I Offer $10 Million to Short Sellers
Smile Direct Club IPO was downgraded to Junk at $19.5 referring to Jim Cramer as a terrorist. Furthermore, I offer $10 million to short sellers, a Lamborghini and Porche Taycan as announced on the Blog.
Worst IPO of 2019

SmileDirectClub named an American scam all over the world crashed to single digits on my call.

Alex Vieira Live Trading Sells ROKU $176 Making $1 Billion
Alex Vieira urged investors on live trading selling ROKU after doubling its price target to $170. He upgraded ROKU to Strong Buy on IPO at $19. During the bull market he urged investors to acquire massive positions to maximize their return on investment
Selling ROKU $176 Strong Buy since $19 IPO
AI VISION World’s Largest Fund Sells Hertz Ahead of Markets to Crash
Autonomous AI Vision sold its Hertz stake ahead of markets to crash at a price of $21.35 downgrading to Strong Sell using AI Perelman’s Trading Algorithm. Learn why no one will ever beat Autonomous Trading in markets history.
Hertz to Crash! Dump Now!
Autonomous Trading reviews
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