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Intuitive Code updates regularly its free course on value investing. Learn how to turn losses into multimillion profits by comprehending the difference between investing in value while selling short non-value.

The free course on value investing started years ago on the day Alex Vieira explained to the investment community how to get dirty rich selling short the concept of non-value illustrated on his public RIOT Blockchain (RIOT) and LongFin forecasts (LFIN).

Crypto Stocks RIOT Blockchain to Crash to Single Digits
I am informing those interested in investing in the crypto markets, cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks that you are going to see the worst crash ever! Use this guide to make your first one million dollars.
Alex Vieira Live on Cryptocurrencies

While he recommended selling short RIOT, cryptocurrencies, and LFIN, he urged investors to invest in Nvidia (NVDA) - the concept of long-term value.

Alex Vieira kindly updates regularly his own course publishing further lessons. This case study refers to material available to Intuitive Code A.I Premium.

Zoom Technologies is the perfect example of non-value crashed down to zero while Zoom Video (ZM) soared over $220 in 2020

Just two months ago the vast majority of investors did not know the difference between Zoom Video and Zoom Technologies. We had to explain it properly. US. authorities did an excellent job delisting Zoom Technologies. Alex Vieira
Free Course on Value Investing
Alex Vieira Sells Zoom Video After Calling a Market Bottom. Investor Reviews Making Millions.
Zoom Video has been the number one choice for free communications for over 180 million people during the pandemic carrying a Strong Buy rating since IPO.
Alex Vieira Live Ahead of Zoom Video Earnings

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