Trader Knows SEC is Suing Elon Musk Hours Before News Go Public!

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There is a tremendous advantage knowing what's going to happen in the stock market before everyone else. People call me a seer. I made a promise to God using these skills to help those who have a desire to learn.

That's what I have done again in Tesla, the most reliable stock on the exchange, the same everyone sees as damn complicated.

The Vision!

It might sound strange to those who don't know me, but everything I forecast on how to profit from Tesla it just happens. It's like I, and Tesla stock, live in the same universe. I do have a very special relationship with Tesla, because what's the most challenging to others it often turn out to be my focus.

On the contrary, I do not have any relationship with Elon Musk, because I know him better than all of you, including those who actually believe they know him.

While everyone else was discussing Tesla going private buying the most shares since IPO, I was discussing Tesla stock to crash from $382.  

SEC News! Tesla Stock to Crash! Rampant Fraud!

Recently, after forecasting that Tesla bears would lost their money in a fabricated short squeeze by seeing its share price rally from $253 to $314, I decided to sell Tesla reversing to the short side hours before the SEC made public that it was suing Elon Musk.

Everything that happens in the market is part of a plan which is unknown to you. Your role as a participant is limited to your beliefs which are completely irrelevant to those who actually seated on the wheel.

The SEC decision has never been a variable. The only surprising factor here thus far is why have they not sued Tesla yet. Not only Musk engaged in fraudulent activity, also Tesla did it. Vieira

I am not going to explain how did I know about all this. I did what it was supposed any professional to do.

  1. I informed subscribers, even some who did not pay for the information I kindly offered them.
  2. I made all of our Tesla forecasts available on the Blog, most of them free, some of them paid as video on demand.
  3. Everything is available in services as Tesla, AI BOT5+ and higher.

The Ingenious Plan.

The reason we are different from everyone else is that we do not rely on forecasts, or predictions as most people call it.

While others gamble in the markets, our main occupation is focused in completely different matters - to make it happen regardless of others' opinions or market conditions. This is where artificial intelligence, experience and intuition comes in.

Eintein comprehended the driving force and ingredients behind creation, however it is very difficult to explain it to common people.

While everyone else continues losing money in the markets, those who religiously follow me achieve stellar results beyond their comprehension and imagination.

Tesla share price crashed 14% overnight to $261 on Friday. I made enough to buy one hundred and fifty Lamborghini Aventador, but I continue taking a taxi and riding a bicycle. My principles are fundamentally different compared to most people. I see the world differently. Nevertheless, very proud of helping others fulfilling their dreams.

Below, you have a screenshot from one of my clients who has made more than $1 million trading Tesla in the past two months. He is not a large investor.

Your beliefs remain serious limitations and contraints to your evolution, therefore most people end up dying without ever doing anything to improve their and others condition. You should face it as normal because it's nature and, therefore God's will.

Real People. Real Profits

What this investor accomplished it is not much different compared to this other one making enough to buy a Ferrari 488 GTB worth $255,000 in just four months! Both did not have any prior experience investing in the markets.

However there is a major difference between them, and it is not the capital, since both started with similar amounts.  

Real People. Real Profits.

Today anyone can trade in the markets with 100% accuracy. It's a proven mathematical fact corroborated by everyone who has decided to experience it. From small investors without any experience buying a Ferrari 488 GTB worth $255,000 in just four months, to banks and sovereig funds.

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