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The legend who sent Bitcoin into a bear market issuing a short-sell trade signal at $41.858 has just bought back near $30,000 raising his previous price target $39,000

Alex Vieira sold his position at $39,700 making it available on YouTube, going short at $41,588, but after the Americans turned bearish he is now back into the game squeezing the pigs!

Legend Who Nailed Bitcoin Bottom and Crash Calling Historically Rally Has Just Sold
History is made by people like Grigori Perelman and Einstein not by ignorant prophets as Warren Buffett, the SEC, or Wall Street analysts. Alex Vieira algorithms proved to be the most accurate in the history of the markets turning Elon Musk into the world’s richest person.
Legend Live on the Tape on Bitcoin

Alex Makes the News Sending Bitcoin into Bear Market

Alex Vieira made the news sending Bitcoin down $12,000 in days.

Bitcoin plunges more than 20% in three days. It’s now in a bear market
BTIG’s Julian Emanuel says the pause in bitcoin’s rally is a “sentiment readjustment.”
Bitcoin plunges over 20%

Alex Vieira Live on Bitcoin

It's all over the news! Alex Vieira Live on Bitcoin. Cover Today!

Alex Vieira Live on Bitcoin BUYING HUGE!

Bitcoin has rallied back to $40,000! Listen to the world's best live on Bitcoin today

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AI Crypto Trader Legend Calls Bitcoin Bottom Sparking New Crypto Crash Nailing 23,000% Profit
The cryptocurrencies trading legend who called Bitcoin crash downgrading to Junk near $20,000 announced the bottom at $3,500. Bitcoin rallied to $13,800 but a new crash sparked since then on Intuitive AI Code Crypto Robotic Trading trade signals. Learn how crypto traders got 23,000% profit
Alex Vieira Live Calling Bitcoin Bottom $3,500

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