The Crash of DoubleLine's Jeffery Gundlach Market Forecasts

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Intuitive Code studied thousands of professional traders and hedge funds for decades while developing its algorithms for the financial markets arriving to one conclusion.

Alert! Strong Market Move Ahead!

Every time we see articles like this published on the media the algorithm immediately flashes a strong market move ahead in the opposite direction. One could consider that one case does not make a difference, however it does happen all the time.

As one of our subscribers noted in his interview, if it was so damn simple to make accurate forecasts everyone would be filthy rich, but we all know that's not the case, therefore it is recommended to listen to credible sources before you blow up entirely your capital gambling in the markets. Vieira

Wall Street is a gambling machine. People with real vision do not work for others, don't try to pursuade, nor invest based on personal beliefs.

I am not sure what do you call this Gundlach forecast, but in my country, we name it gambling and predatory marketing.

Billionaire bond guru Gundlach predicts he will make 400% on his bet against the stock market

I do think that Gundlach is a very intelligent person, but we all know that there are millions of intelligent people in the world. For your information, mathematics demonstrate there is no correlation between intelligence and stock market success.

As I mentioned before these useless market forecasts have been available for years - fortunately we addressed all of them in real-time saving your ass.

Comparing us to the "competition"

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Investment Legend Reiterates Strong Buy in Amazon Shares

Could you please tell me how the hell one is bearish S&P500 when Amazon share price has tremendous upside left? Vieira

Obviously, you cannot. What others are used to see as great investors are just normal persons.

Why Warren Buffett is a Disaster and Stupid Investor

Remember this, the hard naked truth is damn shocking. What you believed to be true, it is often a damn disguised scam. The discovery of this mathematical fact corroborated with decades of experience saved my life. Hopefully, it will save yours if you ever decide to wake up.

Automated Trading Delivers Five Digit Profit to Amazon Investors

Dedicated to Eric & Bezos in Seattle

I certainly enjoyed the interview with Eric. I am going to wait for those photos from the top of the mountain in Seattle. Next month I will make it public.

Autonomous Trading BOT Review from Amazon Headquarters Seattle

The announcement that Amazon could be worth more than $1800 was made available to subscribers to AI BOT 1 more than seven months ago, Vieira

Historical achievement for subscribers to AI BOT 3 everything according to my forecast