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Investors should sell Tesla shares at $377 going short a large amount since its share price is going down significantly disregarding the opinion of crooks and scammers raising Tesla price target ahead of a market crash.

Field's Medal Tesla AI Investor Selling $377 Live Forecasting Crash

The opinion of crooks and scammers trying to manipulate Tesla share price is irrelevant.

Tesla stock does what we say that will do. It has been like that since IPO.  Anyone can make millions of dollars zero risk. Alex
Alex Vieira Sells Tesla $377 Warning About Crash

Ministry of Sound 2019 vs. Boring Elon Musk on 60 Minutes

Tesla share price has been manipulated by the world's best investors trapping suckers ahead of the crash.

Ministry of Sound vs. Boring Elon Musk 

Tesla share price collapses after Autonomous Trading warns investors about institutional fraud by crooks as Saxo Bank and Piper Jaffray (PJC).

Tesla share price collapses despite Wall Street upgrades
The world's best Tesla investors reviews
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