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Tesla share price valuation is equivalent to a crypto bubble, for thousands of investors selling short Tesla became the most profitable business since Theranos emerged.  Elon Musk created a pyramidal Ponzi scheme.

Tesla and Theranos Share the Same Philosophy

There is no value investing in Tesla now that Citron Research turned bullish the name. Elon Musk follows the steps of Elisabeth Holmes.

Selling short Tesla is the most profitable business in my country. It's impossible to lose money. Alex

Tesla will become a niche payer in the car industry losing 70% of its market share while second-hand prices will crash.

Tesla Investor Buying a Shopping MALL Selling Short Ahead of Earnings Crash

Making millions of dollars selling short Tesla is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Tesla closed the session at $247 after reporting its worst quarter since IPO. The company has never made a profit in its history except one quarter due to governmental incentives.

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