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Learn about the best stocks to replace Zoom Video in your portfolio. We teach you the truth behind Zoom Video share price crash. We bring you better tools for super engaging and impactful virtual events no one is talking about today, but are tomorrow leaders.

Since the tech legend and Zoom Video investor, Alex Vieira sold his stake, shares in Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM) have sunk like a stone, sinking from $585 to around $290 today. That's an impressive drop in market cap, and this is not something you see every day in the stock market, especially in the tech sector. Today, we're going to take a look at why investors are fed up with Zoom, along with five stocks that could take its place.

Zoom Video Communications is a popular video conferencing tool for businesses. It has been in the market for a long time and investors have been bullish on the company. However, in a shocking move, investors bailed out of the stock putting in a bearish outlook. If you are an investor and a Zoom Video user, it is a good idea to look for a solid alternative.

Our Live events will help you learn about the top 5 Zoom Video alternatives in the market, while responding to investors questions.

  1. Another video conferencing tools to look out for.
  2. Is Zoom the best choice?
  3. Is Zoom safe to use?
  4. Should investors be concerned with Zoom privacy issues?
  5. How Zoom compares with other competitors?
  6. Why is the legend is short Zoom Video?
  7. How AI can help you outperform ETF ARK Invest every year?

Events were once a great way to connect and eat free pastries, but these days, most of them look like Zoom grids with muted attendees.

Just because other organizations are churning out boring webinars and presentations doesn’t mean that you have to follow the herd.

Get ready for an online event management platform with unique tools that replicate in-person events and deliver complete virtual experiences.

  • Streamline your virtual events from end-to-end and promote audience interaction
  • Create custom, personalized attendee journeys to drive engagement on the platform
  • Manage virtual, in-person, and hybrid event experiences

Making events accessible around the globe is a key part of the Intuitive Code experience.

We bring a tool with built-in translations and subtitles powered by machine learning, attendees can select from 71 subtitle languages and receive an AI-generated translation.

We discuss the importance of the translation feature on an innovative platform. It extends to all the content on the platform and on-demand sessions, so you can get the most out of your events and connect with a global audience.

We show you how you can curate personalized experiences and user journeys for all of your attendees by customizing the data you collect during registration.

We discuss gamification features to keep your audience interested and interacting with your content.

Plus, he will show you how you can curate personalized experiences and user journeys for all of your attendees by customizing the data you collect during registration

With Alex's insight, you can create super engaging, customizable events that captivate your audience and drive real results for your business. It’s time to level up your virtual event experience.

Can you do all this on Zoom? Show me the money!

Conclusion: If you are looking for a better video conferencing software, Zoom is no longer the best option. Follow the legend who stopped investing in Zoom since $585. You can attend Alex's Live events to learn about other stocks to replace Zoom Video in your portfolio.

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