Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Stock prices more than double as Intuitive Code exposed Wall Street fraud downgrading undervalued assets. Target share price almost doubled as autonomous trading free A.I research named Target (TGT) one of the best assets for long-term investors.

It's a shame that common people and investors have been continuously deceived by Wall Street. Hundreds of thousands of investors have been scammed by Jeffrey Gundlach, Barclays, Morgan, RBC Capital, and other ruthless crooks

Target joined Tesla and ROKU in the list of companies doubling its market cap on Alex Vieira's uncanny A.I stock forecasts.

Billion Dollar Profit on Earnings

Stocks Double on Alex's A.I Billion Profit Vision

Stocks have been grossly undervalued under the pressure of Wall Street crooks, but in the last four months they doubled as scammers have been forced to close bearish bets

Target Strong Buy
ROKU Soars the Most in Years since Alex Vieira Exposes RBC Capital Fraud
Alex Vieira exposed RBC Capital ROKU stock outlook as a clear example of fraud urging investors to buy massive positions instead. ROKU share price more than doubled since then.
ROKU Strong Buy $19 to $176
AI Vision Fund Exposes Morgan Stanley Tesla Outlook as FRAUD
Tesla investors should disregard the useless and biased opinion of Wall Street. Follow the free investment advise of a market legend who has never missed a Tesla forecast. In the past months Intuitive AI Code and subscribers made more than $1 billion
Morgan Stanley is a Fraud

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