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It may be hard to believe for those fools who rely on paid marketing, however this article is based on facts which no one can change in the course of markets history. Learn the truth behind Goldman Sachs, Apple and Pacific Gas Electric share price crash.

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Wall Street vs. Our Work

Investors following the advise of Wall Street firms and crooks are bankrupt.

Investors should sell Pacific Gas Electric (PCG) shares going short after its the share price rallied 60% on my upgrade. Alex

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The following video was made available on YouTube ahead of Pacific Gas Electric (PCG) share price melting 80% on AI Perelman's Fields Medal algorithm downgrade.

The video is very explicit - disregard the opinion of useless crooks who have no influence in stock prices, Oracle is a proven scam gambling with others' people money.

Even a Monkey Outperforms Warren Buffett
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