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Investors are not going to like buying shares of Zillow Group now that Citron Research Andrew Left turned bullish the name upgrading to $70. Instead, sell now and go short! Learn more about Citron Research investigation, SEC and the FBI.

Wall Street is laughing about Citron Research price predictions

Intuitive Code is the world leader in artificially intelligent algorithms with applications in numerous industries such as aerospace, finance, automotive and military. Our thirty years record helping small and professional investors outperforming in the markets speaks for itself.

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We're selling short Zillow Group (Z), Citron Research Andrew Left top investment pick for 2019.

Spectacular Stock Crash Coming!

Instead of investing in troubled companies as Zillow Group (Z) following the malicious advise of unreliable sources releasing fake news and reports as it is Citron Research common practice, investors bought shares of Shopify (SHOP) enjoying 2000% profit as of today.

Learn more about AI Trading Algorithm Releases $1 Billion Dollars for the Masses Investing in Shopify.

After Intuitive Code Zillow Group (Z) price predicting was released to Wall Street its share price collapsed to $32 within a month.

How're you doing in the markets following the investment advise of Citron Research? You're bankrupt! Alex

Learn more about the Revolutionary Autonomous AI Trading Robot Comparing Tesla to Cryptocurrencies Ponzi Delivers Billion Profit to Investors

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