Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

It's mathematically impossible to lose money in the stock market, I demonstrate it daily live on the tape. Today, GameStop doubled on my call while yesterday crashed 60% on my call. All of it with 100% accuracy top to bottom and vice-versa.

I warned you about scams such as WallStreetbets, Citron Research, and everything else showing up on the American press defrauding investors pretending they know the reason for stocks to move.

Today, GameStop doubled to $123 on my call while yesterday crashed from $158 to $68 on my call. Blink Charging rallied 2,600%.
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GameStop Doubles Overnight on Alex Vieira call

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Yesterday, we made the announcement selling at $158. You find terrific investment opportunities and live coaching on the YouTube channel.

I upgraded GameStop to Strong Buy at $5.4 when none of these American scammers ever heard about it

AI Trading Bot Calls GameStop Hidden Gem on Reddit Army and Citron Research Clash
Stop believing in scams and fake news by learning about going on in the stock market before you lose everything. Survive or get killed. The world’s greatest market calls, GameStop stock rally $5 to $75 follows another of my calls in Overstock from $9 to $128.

Learn more about Blink Charging (BLNK) holly stock rally to $62 while Citron Research downgraded it to $1

Blink Charging Genius Investor Has Spoken
Blink Charging share price soared 2,400% in 2020, being Citron Research the only caught naked short seller in the world. I tell you what you can expect investing in Blink Charging. Everything else is merely a SCAM.
Blink Charging Genius Live!
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