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Tesla is rampant fraud not worth to invest in since $382.  NIO share price surged 80% since AI Vision invited investors worldwide to benefit from the tremendous upside!

The risk of investing in Tesla is too high. Musk fraudulent tweets can hit the tape anytime.  In a civilized country Tesla CEO had been jailed, but in the United States, under the Presidency of a very suspicious individual anything is possible.  

You're being deceived by Wall Street crooks luring you to invest in Tesla bubble.

Tesla Investors Scammed by Piper Jaffray Corrupt Management on CNBC

Tesla is the stock where you find the most corrupt Americans invested in. Alex

AI Tesla Fund Sells Shares. Musk Slashes Workforce. Tesla Quality Issues Surface.

On the contrary, NIO investors are enjoying the best return on investment since IPO.

AI Vision subscribers report record profits investing in NIO

Intuitive Code, autonomous trading division, helps any investor to profit from NIO offering different affordable plans.

  • Mid to long-term NIO AI stock forecast;
  • 100% accurate AI trade signals;
  • NIO AI Risk Analysis and upside target;
  • NIO AI stock rating;
  • Real-time coaching.

Install AI Vision free app to see how does it work. NIO share price soared to $10.6 in 2019.

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