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Alex Vieira urged investors selling Deere going short in 2019 forecasting a significant sell off going into 2020. Get rid of Deere to invest in Tesla!

The only people who believe in what Donald Trump says are Americans
Sell Deere 

Deere is one of the worst market performers in 2020 plunging to $157.5 in today's session.

Invest in Tesla

Alex Vieira recommended to invest in Tesla the most affordable stock on the exchange worldwide seeing the best stock market rally ever ahead

Huge Rally Ahead! 

Tesla closed the session at $650

Alex Vieira Ahead of Tesla Earnings Sees $1 Billion Profit for Investors
Alex Vieira reassured Tesla investors ahead of earnings buying more shares while increasing his price target forecasting $1 billion dollar profit for those who have been following him since Tesla IPO. By investing in Tesla only you get 10 digit return on investment.
Alex sees $1 Billion Profit for Tesla investors
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