Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to Outperform in the Stock Market

The market legend called Coinbase's share price crash from $400 to $40, and the rally to $115 today issued another dire warning urging Coinbase investors to sell shares using an artificial pop created by the FED.

Today, I am discussing the future by telling you what you must do now since no one can change the outcome. First, make the strategic decision to become a free spirit. Then, by accepting to be helped, you will eventually experience freedom.

The foundation for a New Order started long ago and is unstoppable. We were the first to tell you that markets would crash and that our planet is about to undergo epic changes.

So, I bring you, Alex Vieira, born with no assets, never worked for anyone, but with a brain like you. A free spirit who has chosen to create his principles, helping many like you to succeed.

Our lives are ruled by mathematics and physics, not men's rules.

Failure to comprehend this undeniable fact is like challenging Mother Nature, as it happened to Cathie Wood capitulating in Coinbase.

For centuries people have believed they can change the future.

Alex Vieira invited everyone to make billions by selling short Coinbase fraudulent IPO.  Today's artificial pop in Coinbase's share price is an excellent opportunity for corrupt Americans to bail out.

Alex Vieira says you should sell short Coinbase adding to your position up to $400 and beyond without hesitation.

Today, I sold my position in Coinbase, reversing to the short side, aiming at mocking dumb, stupid Americans. I've been doing it since IPO.
Coinbase's trading signal

So, regardless of your convictions and beliefs, the result of the equation will remain immutable. Refusing mathematics and physics is challenging the universal equation.

Alex Vieira has accepted the truth - people like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a persistent illusion. Are you ready to accept it? Eager to learn how to invest in Coinbase and cryptocurrencies? Then, listen to Alex Vieira on the best coin call ever.

Now, learn how Wall Street is deliberately scamming you daily on the media.

I’ve Been Scammed by Morgan Stanley Investing in Roblox
You are making millions of dollars investing in the markets by following Wall Street analysts upgrading stocks at the top and downgrading at the bottom. Morgan Stanley’s investing team is an expert in stock scams.
I've Been Scammed by Morgan Stanley Investing in Roblox

Intuitive Code's primary field of business is to create artificial intelligence algorithms. Intuitive A.I. is our flagship product, proprietary research and analysis with applications in numerous areas. We baptized 'autonomous' as the intelligent algorithm developed exclusively for finance.

In addition, we enable efficient A.I. and RPA, develop custom software, and implement turnkey solutions powered by machine learning, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, intelligent assistants, robots, to apps.

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